Karasuma Gojo


The capacity of this house is five people / 定員5名
<A washing machine is available / 有洗衣机 / 洗濯機:有り >

It is a 2-story Machiya. The guest house is within 10min walk from Kyoto station, and it is a 3 minute walk from the subway Gojo Station.

只需10分钟就可到京都駅、烏丸五条的超便利美家一户建。可以体验日本传统古宅。附近有超市、 24小时的便利店,到繁华区是步行约5~10分。2层楼。

ゲストハウスから四条烏丸・河原町の繁華街にも歩いていけます☆ 観光にも便利な場所でアクセス抜群!


It is only one stop to subway Gojo station from Kyoto station which is a major railway station and transportation hub in Kyoto.

Of course you can walk to the guest house from Kyoto station. It will take 10 minutes on your foot. On that way, there is Higashi Honganji temple, the mother temple of the Shinsyu Otani sect branch of Jodo Shinsyu.

Just one caution, it has traditional machiya style with a low ceiling so please watch your head if you are tall.

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1泊1棟貸切使用料 The house charge per night(税サ込・tax/service charge included)

1~2名様 Up to two people
3名様 Up to three people
4名様 Up to four people


Guest house Connection 烏丸五条

539-5 Izumicho 3cho-me Gojo sagaru Higashinotoin-dori Shimogyo-ku Kyoto